Guilty or Not a family that arose from the back street of Sydney Inner-West and was surrounded and influenced by the variety of cultural and lifestyle diversity within it community. The common thread to this bustling and harmonious village was FOOD, the love of food and the desire to indulge in all aspects of food, but over indulgence came at a price for some. Recognising the divide in our dinning society, Guilty or Not saw a market that could be developed and embraced by the two sectors, offering clean treats or decadent delights.

The Guilty or Not team is as colourful and the name itself, their passion for sweets and cleaner alternatives and their love of true artisan gelato was supreme. Catering to private functions, fete and festivals Guilty or Not soon realised that they were not alone in their passion for great sweets and created a search for new exotic ingredients for their home made gelato and producing guilt free treats.

The endless search for true local produced natural ingredients, clean living and clean food lead Guilty or Not to relocate to a pristine area that could tick all their boxes. The area needed to produce fresh, locally farmed, locally owned, locally loved ingredients to feed the Guilty or Not production team.

Guilty or Not will always offer you a choice and it’s for you to decide the verdict.

Specialist in offering
  • Gelato
  • Juices
  • Smoothies
  • Desserts
  • Shakes

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